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31 January 2013 @ 04:24 pm
Book review  
Dear Mrs. Righetti,

You had me from "Chapter 1: You Can Always Tell What's Wrong With The Garment By The Way The Model Is Posed, or, Slender Five Foot Ten Inch Models Look Good In Anything."

You sealed the deal with "Chapter 16: Buttonholes Are Bastards!"

Your book is not the most technical of the knitting references I've auditioned in the past month, but it is possibly the most fun. Certainly it is the only one I would recommend based solely on the chapter titles. Thanks for being you.


(In all seriousness, the thing you hear most often about "Knitting In Plain English" and its companion books is that either you love Maggie Righetti's authorial voice or you hate it, and that will make or break the books for you. Unlike Principles of Knitting, Readers Digest Handbook, or Vogue Knitting, this is a book I would hand to beginning knitters with the expectation that they could use the book to teach themselves to knit - if they didn't throw it across the room first.)
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