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28 December 2012 @ 04:30 pm
Masters Step 1: Assemble Materials  
(Actually this is Step 4 in the suggested plan of action...)

Acquire sheet protectors: Done!

Print out instructions for insertion into sheet protectors: Done!

Acquire mass quantity of pins for blocking: Done!

Check out Montse Stanley's book from library: Done-ish. It's the 1993 edition instead of the 1999. Knitting hasn't changed that much, has it?

Place June Hiatt's book on hold at the library: Done! I should get a copy to look at next month sometime. (and as long as it took her to revise the book, maybe knitting has changed that much...)

Realize that I picked up another highly recommended but hard to find knitting reference from a remaindered book table for $5, and might have given it away to the used bookstore because I figured if it was on the remaindered book table for $5, it wasn't too terribly good, because I can't find it anywhere in the house: D'oh!ne. Hopefully it ended up in a box other than the knitting-book box when I moved and is still waiting to be unpacked.

Realize that the library's copy of said hard-to-find book went walkabout: Also D'oh!ne. (All the best hard-to-find knitting books seem to vanish from the library shelves [see also: just about every book by Alice Starmore before the reprints started coming out]. Hopefully this will not happen to both of the library's two copies of Principles of Knitting before my hold comes up. I'm optimistic, since a) it no longer counts as hard-to-find, and b) I'm first hold in the queue.)

(Said hard-to-find knitting book is, for what it's worth, Katherina Buss's "Big Book of Knitting". If you can pick up a copy from a remaindered book table for $5, it is worth more than you paid for it. Also, "queue" is fun to type.)

Receive "Finishing School" and "Cast On, Bind Off" as Christmas gifts from relatives who didn't know I was doing the certification: Done, and a happily useful surprise.

Looking ahead to the Cable-Of-Your-Choosing Swatch, I went through the pages of my Vogue Stitch-A-Day calendar from a couple years ago and sorted them into category. I think the "Basic Braid" cable will meet the requirements. If not, there are many other stitch dictionaries out there; the trick will be finding a cable pattern skinny enough to fit two horizontal repeats plus borders into 24-32 stitches.

Next up: "Select Yarn". Since the swatches will all be judged on blocking, wool would seem to be the best choice. I've got some Patons Classic Wool in stash to play with. I might also stop by the LYS tomorrow to see what they recommend for a Real Simple Plain Ol' Not Heathered Or Tweeded Or Remotely Fuzzy Worsted Weight Wool.
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Monica: *squee*rani23 on December 29th, 2012 11:36 am (UTC)
Good luck!!!