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16 January 2013 @ 07:11 am
Actual yarn stuff  
The first attempt at the basic stockinette stitch swatch is pinned to a towel, drying, right now. For my own reference: before blocking, gauge was 16 st/3", 21 rows/3". So at least pre-blocking I'm tighter than ball band gauge (20/26) - and this is already one size needle larger. Jeez. But the idea is to see how much it relaxes when blocked.

I still see rowing-out in the swatch, but it's way less obvious than the ones I knitted Continental style.

I've started on seed stitch. It looks okay except that my cast-on was a little uneven, meaning a couple of the purl bumps generated from it are baggy. That would be considered a serious flaw. But at least pre-blocking, the overall texture looks pretty good.